Getting ready for winter, thinking of spring.

We’re busy in the bee yard getting the hives ready for winter.  Last year was tough on bees.  In Virginia, beekeepers saw an 80% loss of their hives. Our girls are looking good and healthy. We made the decision to not harvest our supers and leave a majority to help them overwinter.  Less honey for us, but the seem in great shape for the winter.  We inspected this week and each hive had an extra 100lbs of honey, and no signs of mites.  We’ll still have a couple more weeks to get them prepped, but so far they are looking strong.

So now, I’m turning to thoughts of spring. Time to start planning for 2019. In the coming weeks 2019 subscriptions will open up.  For those who subscribe early I’ll send out a veggie poll– as members you help decide what we’re planting this spring. We are looking at a pick up in Silver Spring (again, we will send out a poll to members for day and time).  We are also thinking about adding a second pick-up location, TBD.  If you or your work would be interested in hosting, let us know.  More to come on hosting.